KWF35 Keg Washer Filler

The new twin station keg fill with a revolutionary new green filling system.

Traditionally kegs are filled by a counter pressure system by purging and pressurising theKeg with CO2 or a mixed gas. The gas is then released to atmosphere to control the keg fill rate as you cannot throttle beer through a control valve as you do with water from a tap.

The new original low gas system developed at Black Sheep brewery on cask filling has now been developed for keg filling and meets the needs of the small single head keg fillers very well. With the new system the keg is simply purged of O2 and left ready to fill with minimal pressure 0.2 bar typically this is compared with the traditional 1 bar plus for C02.

During traditional counter pressure keg filling of a 50 litre keg at least 100 litre of CO2 is ejected to the atmosphere compared to the 20 litre from the new Microdat system.

This substantial saving in CO2 or mixed gas is both good for the planet and saves real money.

The system is based upon Microdat’s specially developed hygienic peristaltic pumps which range from 10mm bore to 65mm bore, and up to 20 m cu/hr the new keg filler uses a special 32mm bore pump with tube rollers to provide a slippage free positive displacement.

Thus the beer flow in to the keg is directly proportional to the speed of the pump, stop the pump and you stop the flow. Microdat use a special flux vector invertor to control the pump speed which provides constant torque from almost zero to full speed. When combined with their patented hygienic pulsation damper you have a beer delivery system which provides smooth shear free accurate filling.

Also with the washing section of the new twin head keg filler Microdat have used another special peristaltic pump this time from its cask washers. The peristaltic wash pump is also ideal for keg washing especially when using recovered wash liquor for pre-wash. On the wash pump range Microdat have enhanced the pulsation action to provide a very effective pulsed washing system removing the need for low flow valves etc. to sluice the internal spear.

The new KWF35 has also been designed with safety and manual handling in mind as the loading and off-loading heights is easily the lowest of any manually loaded keg filler at 450mm from the floor to the loading and off-loading tables, when working with pallets this leaves just 300mm to raise and lower the keg.

A unique feature of the new KWF35 is the enclosed features of the machine making it the safest manually loaded keg washer fillers most alternative machines have numerous dangerous trap points making them a health & safety nightmare. Microdat have designed the new machine such that the only possible trap point is the kegs top clamp which even this is protected by two hand controls.