Pick and Place Palletiser

The latest developments in Robotic Pick and Place technology by Microdat enables brewers to consider new alternatives for handling full and empty casks and kegs. Robotic solution have been tried with various degrees of success however standard industrial robots are designed to position accurately rather than hand bulk heavy objects at long reach thus they are very expensive to operate run and maintain which is often overlooked when making capital purchase decisions. Recent developments by Microdat in producing a Universal Robotic Pick & Place system will now enable us to supply Robotic Pick & Place solutions for breweries combined Palletising & Unitising needs. The solution is simple and modular being based on an heavy duty steel structure to provide the gantry which also doubles as the plants protective cage keeping operator out and goods within. The head clamps pallets from a stillage and then place the pallet on to the loading section of a single pallet conveyor (wide belt conveyor) The pallet conveyor would act as both loading and off load conveyor and would transfer the full load from inside the gantry guard to outside for off loading by fork truck while the gantry robot produces the next load. With the pallet in position for loading the 2nd Head would begin picking and placing the full kegs from the single delivery conveyor onto the pallet into its pre-programmed position. When the first layer of kegs is complete Head 1 would place the next keg on top of the pallets thus forming a stack. Once the stack of pallets and kegs is complete it would be run out of the gantry via the pallet conveyor. Once the stack is clear the next sequence would begin with a new base pallet. To change from Pallets to Locator boards would be a simple screen selection and a change of stillage. The above unit should operate at between 300 to 500 kegs per hour depending on size and pattern.