HW500 Hot Water Supply

The Microdat hot water storage unit and pump set can be supplied with several options for heating the water such as direct electric via immersion heaters, steam via a steam coil, steam via direct injection, or as a special Microdat-Lochinvar gas fired high efficiency water heater and storage unit. In all cases the unit is fully assembled and works tested prior to dispatch and simply needs connecting to the relevant services. The unit comes complete with the hot water supply pump which will deliver 5 to 6 bar pressure of 85 deg C hot water to the cask washer, the module also includes the relief valve and controls to interface directly to the cask washer modules.

The standard Microdat hot water storage tank is very well insulated and holds 500 litre of hot water. For electric heating use can be made of low night time electricity tariffs to accumulate the bulk of the hot water needs for the days washing, 500 litre will wash approx 80 firkins with addition heat being required to replenish the low heat losses from the well insulated tank. For a small Microbrewer a 6 Kw immersion heater may well deliver all the hot water required to wash 100 casks per day. As production increases the Microdat unit can have additional heaters installed up to a maximum of 36 Kw. 

The unit also has other energy saving functions and options included. The Standard Microdat Storage tank unit is fitted with a top mounted break tank, insulated from the hot tank below. However even with 50mm thick high-grade insulation some heat will escape and since the cold break tank is directly mounted on top some of the escaping heat will pre-heat the cold water. We can also supply a full heat recovery system as an option by installing a heat exchanger coil into the top cold-water break tank; this coil is then feed the reclaimed hot water from the washer’s Pre-wash tanks. A simple low powered circulation pump and temperature controls added into the washer controller provides a very efficient system which can even attract an interest free loan from the carbon trust to purchase the plant.