CF80 Twin Head Micro Cask Filler

This unit is the second level cask filler in the Microdat range it meets the needs of the larger microbrewer that require high output or functionality than the Basic Cask Filler.

Microdat Cask Filler Benefits:

  • Fully automatic, metered fill, 80 Firkins/hr (CF80).
  • Fully automatic finings addition : Increased consistency, and  less returns.
  • Increased productivity: Reduced man-hours spent racking casks.
  • Ergonomic Design: Less backache than manual filling.
  • Metered fill (CF80): Provides a reduced fill volume per cask (compared to brim filling).
  • Controlled beer flow: Little or no beer losses due to fobbing, achieved without back-pressure gas.
  • Consistent cask fill time: Regardless of level in beer tank.
  • Easily cleaned: Can be cleaned simply, and in a variety of ways.