Cask & Keg Lifter

This unit solves the problem of manual handling for small brewers who have to lift particularly full casks and kegs.

Health & Safety and the UK’s and European regulations states that a man should not lift heavy objects greater than 25 kg and even this weight is restricted to very specific lifting operations. See the HM gov manual handling guides for further details.

A typical brewery cask firkin (9 gallon) weighs in at 50 kgs and even a 30 Litre keg weighs around 40 kgs so that manually lifting any full brewery cask or keg is excluded by regulation.

Unfortunately it is often necessary to lift full casks and kegs to palletise them or just simply off-load them from a filling machine.

Where appropriate a fork or clamp truck can be used to handle multiple casks or kegs on pallets  however for single casks and kegs this is very inefficient, hence the need for the cask lifter.

This specially designed unit can be supplied in many formats depending on the particular application, the height of lift required, the area of lifting and local height and space restrictions.

The key feature of this aid is its simplicity of operation and thus its productivity. In many instance the lifting can be operated single handed by pulling, pushing and rotating the fixed grab handle and toggleing the up or down buttons with a simple thumb action. The standard swinging jib unit has up to 270 degs of rotation with a jib arm reaching 3m from its centre. Alternative jibs and parallel rails offer alternative solutions covering much greater area’s if required.

Microdat can also supply fully automated gantry robot solutions if necessary.

The unique feature of the cask lift is its very simple but effective cask grab which as standard can handle Pins, Firkins and Kilderkins 4.5 to 18 gallon typical brewery casks. Similar units can also handle 30 to 100 litre kegs.

The unit shown is a stacker unit which can stack casks kils onto pallets up to two casks high. You can even stack up to three casks high but we do not recommend this type of operation with the lifter alone as the operators reach becomes a critical factor (you need a tall operator).

The cask grab operates easily on both casks laid down and stood on end. As the lifter lifts the grab picks the cask up and rotates it to the vertical. If required the Cask Lifter can also deposit the cask onto its rolling rims (laid down) by lowering the lifter and pushing the cask over as it contacts the floor. The rigid arm lifting system offer much greater operational flexibility than a flexible rope system such as is found on a traditional overhead crainage system. The alternative of a vacuum lifter type system also fails to match the flexibility and performance of a Microdat rigid, single handed Cask Lifter system.