CW30 Cask Washer

Our Quality Cask Washer range has been developed with the quality brewer in mind the CW30 is the perfect launch machine for any small brewer. 

Benefits of the Microdat CW30 Cask Washer

  • Uses techniques and components from Microdat’s professional range of large brewery cask washers.
  • Bespoke cleaning head for reliable 360 degree cleaning.
  • Powerful wash pump, perfectly matched to cleaning head, with strong pulsating action.
  • Completely automatic system, providing a consistent wash every time: less returns from trade.
  • Uses final rinse at 80C to sanitise the cask, with low temperature alarm. 
  • Steam not essential (available as an option).
  • Modular expandable system, with additional stations rated at 30 Firkins/hr each.