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Microdat provides complete multi-disciplined process solutions for the brewing industry, from the outline design stage, to supply, installation and commissioning.  We provide partial brewery developments or complete brewery projects. 

In 2010, Microdat implemented three new complete brewery projects: Joules Brewery - 30 brl - Traditional Ale Brewery. Meantime Brewery - 60 brl - High-Specification Continental Style Brewery. Moorhouse’s Brewery - 100 brl - Traditional Ale Brewery.

Our principle brewery process designers each have over 15 years of dedicated experience in brewing industry projects, designing and leading projects of all sizes, from small to large scale. We design our projects using “best fit” principles of value engineering.  Microdat is a manufacturer of equipment, and as such, we obtain significant OEM discounts from our key process component suppliers.

Brewing Projects - Capability & Experience: Malt Storage Weighing & Milling, Brewhouse, CIP Systems, Hot & Cold Liquor Systems & Liquor Treatment, Fermentation & Conditioning, Wort & Beer Routing, Yeast Skimming & Storage, Yeast Propagation, Filtration Chilling & Carbonation, In-Line Blending & Additions, Racking Tank & Bright Beer Systems, Beer to Packaging Systems, Pasteurisation, Automatic Product Routing, Complete or Partial Services Solutions (Boiler, Steam, Compressed Air, Refrigeration), Process Effluent, Pipework Electrical & Control Systems.

Low Cost Partnership Projects: Microdat has developed a standard working philosophy available for our small to medium sized brewery customers, when implementing a major project (i.e. a complete new brewery).  It is tailor made for today’s difficult financial atmosphere, and is centred on providing optimum cash-flow conditions for our customers throughout the project design & implementation phases.  Microdat is well aware that careful management of the finances of a project is as important to our customers as getting the technical details right.  Please see the case study section for more details and select: Major Brewery Projects – The Low Cost Partnership Project.