As you may be aware, Microdat is no longer operational.

If you require any assistance with spare parts or service/maintenance for Microdat machinery, then please fill out the contact form below and we will respond as soon as possible (we also supply spare parts and service/maintenance for Chadburn, Gimson & Brewology machinery).

If you need new, bespoke machinery or equipment you can also contact us below and we will put you in touch with somebody to assist.

    Machinery & Equipment:

    Keg Washers, Cask Washers, Crate Washers, Tray Washers, IBC Washers, Drum Washers, Cask Rackers, Keg Rackers, Chain Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, External Washers, Keg Decants, Label Removers, External Cask Washers, External Keg Washers, High Pressure, Label Removers, Marshalling, Cask Conveyors, Keg Conveyors, Accumulation Conveyors, Heat Shrink Tunnels, Shrink Wrappers, Cask Elevators, Down Enders, Up Enders, Spear Tighteners, Keg Cappers, Walking Beams, Finings Equipment, Pressure Testers, Cappers, Bottle Conveyors, Slat Conveyors, Detergent Sets, CIP Sets, De-shives, De-keystones, Re-keystone, Shive Handlers, Wire Conveyors, De-greasing Machines, Cleaning Machines, Utensil Washers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Bed Plates, Floor Plates, Strong Floors, Specialised Test Rigs