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Microdat are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Keg and Cask packaging equipment. Our innovative handling systems have provided leading UK brewers with advanced equipment to greatly enhance quality and productivity in this very competitive market.

With cutting edge engineering capabilities and design expertise the limitations of our products lie only in our ‘clients imagination.’ We offer a full range of service tailor made to meet our clients needs including concept, design, manufacturing, installation commissioning, spares and maintenance along with specialised consultancy providing systems specifications, computer simulations and management information services.

Our clients look upon us as the stepping-stone into a future of increased productivity, quality and cost effective operation.

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Los termos acumulan agua caliente dentro del tanque y cuando se termina, necesita ser "rellenado", normalmente toma tiempo considerable para que el agua vuelva a su nivel anterior y se caliente. Cambio de resistencia eléctrica, Instalación difusor de entrada de agua del termo Reparar termo Sustitución de cuba de acero vitrificado, Reparación de valvula de portón. Los termos de agua eléctricos son de larga duración, incluso pueden llegar a trabajar sin problemas hasta por diez años.

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Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association Society of Independent Brewers Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association Leeds Training Trust