About Us

Microdat began trading in the late 1980's and quickly developed a reputation for being innovative within the specialist sector of the Keg and Cask packaging in the UK brewing industry. In 2014 Lehui purchased Microdat offering our customers complete turnkey projects for breweries of all sizes.

Microdat's utilisation of up to the minute technology and advanced engineering techniques means that our customers are assured of the best possible solutions for their applications.

Our abilities have been developed in the field of automated handling systems orientated towards the brewing industry, where our innovative cask handling systems have provided leading UK Brewers with advanced brewery equipment such as Cask Rackers, Cask Washers, Keg Turners, Orientators, Cask De-shive De-keystone, Palletisers, Keg Weighers and Conveyors. Our innovative machines and robots have greatly enhanced quality and productivity for all our customers in this very competitive market place.

There exists at Microdat a dedicated team of personnel who work together to provide the best possible service to industry and endeavour always to exceed our customers' expectations of quality and value for money.

We offer a full range of services tailor made to meet your needs including concept, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, spares, and maintenance along with specialised consultancy providing system specifications, computer simulations and management information systems.

Our clients look upon us as the stepping stone into the future of increased productivity, quality and cost effective operations.


     - Cask Washers

     - Cask Rackers / Fillers

     - Cask De-Shive De-Keystone Machine

     - Cask Labellers

     - Cask Weighers

     - Keg Washers / Fillers

     - Keg Labellers

     - Keg Cappers

     - Keg Weighers

     - Canning Lines

     - Bottling Lines

     - Brewing Vessels and Tanks

     - Complete Brewhouses

For more information on how Microdat can help your brewery email sales@lehui.com